UV aging test chamber
UV aging test chamber

UV aging test chamber

UV accelerated aging test chamber is to UV lamp as the light source, and appropriate control of temperature and humidity, periodically makes the sample produce condensation, to fully obtain the UV light, humidity, and temperature on the polymer mater

Product details

Product details

What is UV aging test chamber?

UV accelerated aging test chamber is to UV lamp as the light source, and appropriate control of temperature and humidity, periodically makes the sample produce condensation, to fully obtain the UV light, humidity, and temperature on the polymer material damage impact results.

UV light from UV lamps etc. can simulate UV light, and condensation and water spraying systems simulate the natural environment of rain and dew.

The irradiation energy and temperature are controlled throughout the test cycle.

Typical test cycles are typically UV irradiation at high temperatures and dark, humid condensation cycles with relative humidity at 100%; such typical applications are in paint and coatings, the automotive industry, plastic products, wood products, glue, etc.

UV aging test chamber1

UV aging test chamber(box type)

What are the characteristics of the UV aging test chamber?

1. The inner liner material is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and formability. The shell is made of color steel spraying, which is anti-corrosive, durable, and bright in color. Also can choose 304 stainless steel.

2. There are 8 UV lamps produced by QLAB inside the test chamber, with a service life of up to 1600 hours.

3. There is a heating device at the bottom of the test chamber to provide the temperature of the test environment, the temperature range is 10-70 degrees.

4. The sample holder is placed in the middle of the test chamber (box type), or on 2 sides (tower type).

5. Spraying system nozzle between the lamps, controlled by a touch screen control system, according to the test requirements to control the spraying time.

uv-aging-test-chamber(tower type)

UV aging test chamber(tower type)

6.The box is equipped with Fouma wheels for easy movement at any time.

7. The door has hollow heating glass, which is convenient to observe the test process.

8. One-handed openable stress-free door handle, easy to operate.

9. Silicone sealing strip, high temperature and weather resistance, anti-aging and anti-blowing, shockproof and waterproof.

10. Standard PT100 blackboard temperature sensor, monitor the blackboard temperature, easy to control the test room temperature. Self-made irradiance meter, easy to monitor the test room irradiance changes, timely understanding of the irradiance situation, easy to adjust in time, or replace the lamp.

11. spraying using water is located in the tank at the bottom of the box. Test water is best pure water, or filtered water, and will not affect the test results because of impurities in the water. Test water can be recycled repeatedly, saving the cost of use. The water tank is equipped with automatic water shortage protection, more convenient for the operator to replenish water.

12. The control system uses a touchscreen color panel control, a pure English operating interface, and is man-machine friendly, and very convenient. Equipment with a USB can export test data at any time.

UV aging test chamber3

UV accelerated weathering test chamber parameters (tower type)

Performance Indicators Temperature range RT+10℃~70℃
Blackboard temperature 20℃~90℃/Temperature tolerance:±1℃
Humidity range ≥75%RH(No control)
Humidity fluctuation degree ±2%
Distance between lamps 70mm
Sample to lamp distance 50mm
UV lamp 8pcs
Lamp power L=1200/40W/pcs,8pcs,service life over 1600h
UV wavelengths 290nm~400nm
Condensation Adjustable condensation time
Condensation time range 1~9999H
Irradiance range 0.72W/m², 400*1000mm
Irradiation intensity 0-2.0W/m2/340nm(adjustable)
Test time 1~9999H(adjustable)
Number of samples 24 pieces
Sink depth 25mm
Materials used Outer box material High quality electrostatic sprayed steel plate
Inner box material SUS304
Blackboard temperature control Temperature sensor connected by black aluminum plate
Water tank SUS304
Control Touch screen controller; programmable light, rain, condensation; temperature can be set range and time
Standard configuration 8 lamps, one set of sample holder
Security Protection Protection door lock, over temperature, low water level alarm, leakage, short circuit, over current protection
Voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz
Usage Environment 5℃~+28℃ ≤85% RH
Customized according to user test requirements

UV accelerated weathering test chamber parameters(box type)

Temperature rangeRT+10℃~70℃
Temperature uniformity ±3℃
Humidity range ≥90%RH
Distance between the centre of the lamp 100-400mm (can be customized)
Distance between the centre of the test piece and the lamp 50mm±3mm
UV lamp UVA340 wavelength 290~400nm
Irradiation intensity 0.3-1.0 adjustable
Irradiance adjustable within 1.0W/m2
Sink depth 25mm automatic control
Standard test piece 450×450mm(Special specifications need to be stated in the contract)
Test time 0~999H (adjustable)
Voltage 220V, ±50Hz single phase 3 wires system
Irradiation blackboard temperature 50℃~70℃


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