Thermal Shock Chamber
Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal Shock Chamber

Noki focuses most of its efforts on product development, innovation and production. The technical team of the company makes the cold and hot impact test chamber intelligent and accurate temperature control, stable operation performance, imported bran

Product details

Product details

Thermal Shock Chamber is used to test the material structure or composite material, in an instant by extremely high temperature and extremely low-temperature continuous environment can bear the degree, in the shortest time test its thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical changes or physical damage.

Applicable objects include metal, automotive electronics/components, LED/LCD/PDP display lighting, new energy/electronic components/electrical appliances, plastic/rubber, scientific research/colleges/medical equipment, and other industries and other materials, which can be used as the basis and reference for product quality verification or improvement.

High temperature tank temperature range: + 60°C ~ +200°C (non-standard can be customized 180°C, 200°C).

Low temperature tank temperature range: A(-55°C ~-10°C); B (65 ° C ~ - 10 ° C); C (80 ° C ~ - 10 ° C).

Heating time: +60°C~ +200°C<35 min.

Cooling time: A(+20°C ~ -55°C)≤70min; B(+20°C ~ -65°C)80min; C(+20°C ~ -80°C)≤90min.

Test method: pneumatic switch, basket mobile.

Shock recovery time: ≤5 minutes.

Basket movement time: within 10s.

Product advantages

● Rapid cooling -- dual cooling system, rapid cooling effect, the cooling mode for water cooling.

● Frost-free operation -- can be customized 500h frost-free operation, 15 minutes of exposure test 1000h frost-free operation.

● Noise reduction design -- operating volume up to 65dB extreme mute standard.

● Energy saving -- can automatically judge pre-cooling/pre-heat, save 35~50% electricity than ordinary test chamber.

● Customizable -- The equipment can be customized according to user requirements of various sizes, and temperature ranges.

Technical parameters

Model NKHS-50-TL NKHS-60-TL NKHS-100-TL
Basket Size 350*350*400 500*300*400 500*500*400
W x Hx D mm
Chamber Dimensions 1360*192*2050 1460*2300*2200 1620*2320*2200
W x Hx D mm
Preheat Temperature Upper Limit +60℃~+200℃(About 30min)
Pre-cooling Temperature Lower Limit R.T ~-80.00℃(About 60min)
Shock Temperature Range -65.00℃/ -55.00℃/ -40.00℃~+150.00℃
Temperature Fluctuation ≤1℃(≤±0.5℃, According to GB/T5170-1996)
Temperature Deviation ≤±2℃(-65℃~+150℃)
Temperature Uniformity ≤2
Temperature Recovery Time ≤5min
Switching Time <5Sec
Power AC380V 50Hz three-phase five wire


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