How to set the control program for the temperature and humidity test chamber?

2022-09-03 CHAMBER

The temperature and humidity test chamber from NOKI is controlled by an intelligent LCD panel mounted on the top of the machine.

It can be used mainly to set the temperature and humidity values and display the panel's real-time temperature and humidity values.

The control program consists of four parts:

1. Set mode: used to set up all the parameters (temperature, humidity, air circulation, etc.) for testing different types of products with other requirements;

2. Test mode: used to start/stop testing and record test results for each product;

3. Statistics mode: used to calculate statistics for multiple tests such as RSD (relative standard deviation), CV% (coefficient of variation), %RPD (relative percent difference), %CV (relative coefficient of variation), gage R&R (gage repeatability & reproducibility), etc.;

4. Data logging mode: used to automatically record real time data including temperature, humidity, air velocity etc.;

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