How does a thermal chamber work?
A thermal Shock Chamber is used to test the material structure or composite material, in an instant by extremely high temperature and extremely low-temperature continuous environment can bear the degree, in the shortest time test its thermal expansio
What is the principle of blast drying oven?
The electric heating blast drying box can dry various materials of different sizes and shapes, such as food products, fruit, vegetable, etc.
How does CO2 incubator affect cell culture?
CO2 incubator has a continuous supply of CO2 and can be used for many different applications.
How does temperature and humidity chamber work?
onstant temperature and humidity test chambers are used to test the temperature humidity on the performance of the product function and service life
How do you perform a salt spray test?
Salt spray chamber testing is a method of checking the corrosion resistance of coatings and materials used to manufacture products such as fasteners.
What is the principle used in vacuum drying?
A drying oven is a heated chamber used to remove water, moisture, and other solvents from objects.
Can a low temperature thermostat bath go to 100 degrees?
The thermostatic bath has the characteristics of a simple structure, long service life, high precision, and so on.
What is the use of oil bath in laboratory?
High-temperature oil baths are available in standard and circulating models. A wide range of possible temperatures is available, from ambient or sub-zero up to 300°C.
What is an anaerobic culture used for?
An anaerobic incubator is a device used to grow anaerobic bacteria under controlled conditions. Typically they are used in laboratories specializing in anaerobic culture work.
What are the advantages and performance of BOD biochemical incubator?
What is BOD incubator?BOD incubator is suitable for environmental protection, health epidemic prevention, drug inspection, agriculture and livestock,
What do I need to pay attention to in an artificial climate chamber?
The artificial climate chamber is a high-precision hot and cold constant temperature equipment with light and humidification functions, providing users with an ideal artificial climate experimental environment.
What is rotary evaporator used for?
What is a rotary evaporator?Rotary evaporators are devices employed for removing solvents efficiently via the process of evaporation.The rotary evapor
How do you keep the temperature of a water bath?
Thermostatic water baths are used for incubation and inactivation of cultures, warming bacteriological media, processing chemical reactions, or thawing frozen samples in research labs, standard and special labs that deal with medicine, science, and i
How to choose the instruments for food testing laboratory?
A food testing laboratory is a laboratory for testing food, food additives, and food-related products. According to the different design and construc
What are the types of lab incubator?
What is a lab incubator?A laboratory incubator is a heated, insulated box used to grow and maintain microbiological or cell cultures. A laboratory in
What is the difference between incubator and CO2 incubator?
What is a CO2 incubator?CO2 incubator is used in a wide range of fields such as cell biology, oncology, genetics, immunology, virus research cytology
What are the types of salt spray test chambers?
What is salt spray test chamber?The salt spray test chamber generally refers to the salt spray corrosion test chamber. Salt spray corrosion test cham
How does a thermal shock test chamber work?
What is the thermal shock test chamber?Thermal Shock Chamber is used to test the material structure or composite material, in an instant by extremely
What are the types of autoclaves?
What is an autoclave?Autoclave sterilizer uses thermal energy from high-pressure saturated steam to denature DNA and destroy enzymes to kill microbes
What are the common problems of environmental test chambers?
What is an environmental test chamber?Environmental test chamber is a kind of test equipment that simulates the natural environment for an object or
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