Constant temperature and humidity test chamber
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Noki constant temperature and humidity test chamber adopts imported international brand accessories, the whole system is equipped with multiple protection, independent research and development of intelligent control system, the user interface allows

Product details

Product details

Constant temperature and humidity test chambers are used to test the temperature humidity on the performance of the product function and service life, etc, the effect of repetition provides certification and can accelerate under the condition of environment simulation test equipment, the general use during the process of production materials transportation storage and use a variety of temperature change.

Standard constant temperature and humidity test chamber are: 100L 150L 225L 408L 800L 1000L inner box size.

Note: Non-standard customized products 50L~100L and over 1000L, specific specifications and parameters shall be subject to the scheme.

Temperature range :-80 ~150 (non-standard optional: low temperature -120, high temperature 200) .

Humidity range: 20%~98%RH (non-standard optional :5%~~98%RH 10%~98%RH).

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber product advantages

● Intelligent regulation -- balanced temperature and humidity control mode PID intelligent regulation.

● Imported components -- key parts are imported from international brands, and the whole system is equipped with multiple protection devices, improving the reliability of operation.

● National patent -- ISO9001 quality system certification enterprises, and products won the national patent.

● Convenient observation -- ingenious air duct structure, temperature, and humidity deviation are small, have high uniformity, and have an anti-condensation function.

● Easy to operate -- the system is simple to operate and easy to install and maintain.

Technical parameters of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Temperature Range -20℃~+150℃
Humidity Range 20%~95%RH
Temperature Fluctuation±0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity±2℃
Temperature Deviation≦±2.0℃
Humidity Deviation±3.0%RH(>75%RH)
Heating RateAverage 3.0℃/min (nonlinear, no load)
Cooling RateAverage 1.0℃/min (nonlinear, no load)
Working Chamber Capacity 50L-60M3
Chamber Material Outer ChamberColor coated steel plate, or 304 stainless steel optional
Inner ChamberSUS304 or 316 stainless steel
Insulating LayerHard polyurethane foam insulation +  100-200mm glass fiber
Inspection WindowElectronic defogging film, heat and sweat proof, vacuum glass window, prevent frosting
Sample HolderStainless steel sample holder 2 layers, height adjustable, maximum 100kg/ layer.
Mobile CastersFoot master caster
RefrigerantNon-fluorine environmental refrigerant R404A R23, in line with environmental regulations, is safe and non-toxic
Cooling MethodAir cooling
Control PanelFull touchscreen-friendly interface
Power220V/380V 50Hz



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