Vertical Autoclave
Vertical Autoclave

Vertical Autoclave

Vertical Autoclave is rapid and reliable disinfection and sterilization equipment using pressure saturated steam. It can sterilize medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution culture medium, etc.

Product details

Product details

What are the components of Vertical Autoclave?

1. The shell is made of temperature-resistant high-quality engineering plastics and stainless steel materials.

2. The body of the sterilizer is made of high-quality stainless steel (304).

3. The handwheel type spinning sealing structure is adopted, and the lid opening method adopts the shifting type opening lid, which is easy to use and safe and reliable.

vertical autoclave

How to operate a vertical autoclave?

The console adopts an LCD window for a dynamic display of graphics and text, and the function settings are all selected by scrolling graphics and text.

What is the function of a vertical autoclave?

1. With one-button sterilization function selection, the required selection can be made quickly and clearly according to different sterilized items.

2. It has an air-cooled rapid cooling device to ensure that the pot body is rapidly cooled at the end of sterilization, thereby shortening the time for opening the lid.

3. It has the function of preheating and melting sterilized items and has the choice of time and temperature for the items that need to be dissolved.

4. With a USB interface, it can be connected to a computer to monitor the sterilization process and data collection. (optional function)

5. It has the function of sterilization time reservation, which is convenient for users to start the machine regularly.

6. With automatic fault detection and justice system.

7. Automatically discharge cold air and automatically exhaust after sterilization.

8. The printing function can be added to print the sterilization temperature and sterilization time in real-time.

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Safety precautions for vertical autoclave

1. It has a safety interlocking device and adopts the safety interlocking structure of electronic and mechanical interaction to ensure that the interlocking device automatically locks the lid of the pot when there is pressure in the pot, so as to avoid unsafe operation caused by misoperation.

2. Double protection system with mechanical safety relief valve and electronically controlled overpressure protection device.

3. With heater anti-drying protection function and leakage protection system.

Vertical autoclave technical parameters

odelVolumeConsumed powerPowerWorking pressureWorking temperatureSterilization temperature rangeSterilization time rangeChamber volumeBasket dimensionOuter dimensionCarton sizegross net weight


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