CO2 Incubator
CO2 Incubator

CO2 Incubator

The CO2 incubator is a laboratory instrument that maintains a constant temperature for cell growth and the presence of CO2.

Product details

Product details

What is a CO2 incubator?

CO2 incubator is used in a wide range of fields such as cell biology, oncology, genetics, immunology, virus research cytology and genetic engineering research. It is an ideal device for modern medicine, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural scientific research.

What are the parts of a carbon dioxide incubator?

The inner tank is made of high-quality stainless steel material, clean and bright, never rust.

Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, P.I.D. control, stable temperature control, high precision, LED high-brightness digital display, intuitive and clear.

Double-layer door structure: After the outer door is opened, the experimental conditions of the studio are observed through the inner door made of high-strength tempered glass, and the temperature and humidity are not affected.

The CO2 concentration sensor adopts the infrared probe imported from Finland, which can directly display the CO2 concentration in the box, and the operation is reliable.

The independently set door heating system can effectively avoid dew on the inner door glass.

In the work room, a water pan is used for natural evaporation and humidification, and the humidity is directly displayed by the meter.

The box is equipped with a UV germicidal lamp, which can regularly sterilize the culture room with ultraviolet light, thereby more effectively preventing the contamination of cells during the culture period.

CO2 incubator technical parameters

Control methodMicrocomputer module control, digital display temperature, carbon dioxide concentration (infrared)
Temperature rangeRT+5-60℃
Temperature accuracy37℃±0.3℃
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Carbon dioxide range0-20%
CO2 accuracy0.1%-0.3%
Carbon dioxide alarm (infrared)±1℃
CO2 recovery time≤Concentration value CalibratonX1.2min
Heating methodWater Jacket / Air Jacket
Power consumption≤500W≤700W
Humidification methodNatural evaporation
Inner size(W*D*H)(mm)400*400*500500*500*650



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